General Manufacturing

  • High flexibility in material. It can be widely used in many materials. Almost all non-metal materials can be cut/ engraved by Thunder co2 laser cutting and engraving machine. Moreover, the cost is much cheaper than conventional ways.
  • Perfect cutting and engraving results. Laser use a non-contact way to work on the target materials. It will not press on the material or scratch the material or deform the material like the old traditional mechanical way does.
  • Maximum precision and detail The precision is much better than the old way.High cutting efficiency, smooth cutting edges – no rework necessary Material saving.The laser beam is very thin and will not cause too much dust. Stable quality.High precision and accuracy of repeatability. The result and the size of the items cut by laser are the same. So you can run mass production as well as customized production with the machine.
  • Fastapplication and easy use. Directly realize from the design into the product.